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Cappuchinos is a successful coffee house - but behind the scenes drama unfolds. Six strangers find their lives entwined by a set of unexpected events.


Cappuccinos owner Vincent Bellini enjoys wealth and success. However his business and personal life are challenged when the Express Coffee Company move into town and he falls in love with feisty Georgina,
Georgina Georgina Carpenter has cheated on her husband Alex many times. But when she meets Vincent is he just another conquest?
Alex Alex Carpenter has omitted to tell his wife that he has been sacked from his executive job and the debts are mounting. His only friend is Lucy at Cappuccinos.
Lucy Steele, a single parent, is a waitress at Cappuccinos and is working hard to escape the poverty trap she finds herself in.
Saturday girl Tiffany is a talented artist but is bullied about her weight by a gang on the rough estate where she lives. Her only friend is food.
Wealthy widow Stella uses Cappuccinos to fill her lonely life. Will she find a new purpose through the friends she makes at the coffee house?